Long Distance Adoption Programs Annual Meeting – Reports

Also this year we held the National IRFF meeting on June 2nd, in Valtellina, after our IRFF volunteers and some adoptive parents, came back from the “Annual Humanitarian Mission” to Moldavia. As last year, the adoptive families and the IRFF group were host in a beautiful wine production site a former catholic monastery, and some 20 children who have come with their parents, could also play in the outside gardens and beautiful surroundings. The meeting started with a brief presentation of IRFF Italy and FFWPU Italy (one of the sponsor of IRFF Italy).


The IRFF Italy President, Sergio Valgoi gave a Power Point presentation with some video parts of the annual trip and mission in Moldavia.

Altogether we deliver 1300 kg’s of materials to the two orphanages sponsor by IRFF Italy. Also we almost completed the construction of the bathrooms in Oras Balti orphanage.

This “Annual Humanitarian Mission” was joined by 8th adoptive parents who could visit their sponsored children’s. In fact, the most spontaneous part of the meeting was related to the testimonies of some of those adoptive parents, who were so moved by their experiences in Moldavia (one said her life has really changed after seeing her adopted child).

Finally there was the CD-video presentation of the AIDS-IRFF prevention program for Moldavia, with the translation of Catalina (originally from Romania), who will also take responsibility for this project, including the research for more sponsorship.


By this annual meeting we could also show that our IRFF Italian chapter is growing stronger with much support and cooperation from all the IRFF Italy members and adoptive families.

This beautiful afternoon was concluded by a rich snack and taste of traditional Valtellina’s products.